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Innovative Approaches to Software Development

Eldan Software Systems provides professional software consulting and development services since 1984. Our group introduces innovative approaches to the software development process: fast and dynamic design, quality programming and cooperative work with our clients' programmers staff.

We provide state of the art solutions for Windows XP/Vista/7, Server 2003/2008, Windows Mobile, Android, VxWorks and Embedded Linux platforms in areas such as:

We have significant know-how in Kernel Programming, System Internals, Microsoft .NET Framework and Enterprise Servers as well as excellent expertise in C/C++, STL/ATL, COM, C#, Java, VB, MATLAB and a variety of dedicated SDKs and Database environments.

We have gained a wide experience in design and development of software products and in accompanying our clients through the complete system development lifecycle.


Software Source Base and Know-how

We have a large source base (class libraries, software components and fragments of tested and refined code) in the following fields:

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

System Security

Vulnerability Management

Real Time Reference Designs

Real Time Embedded Protocol Stacks

Kernel Drivers

System Internals

Algorithm Research

Performance Optimizations and Algorithmic Improvements

Voice and Speech Recognition

Signal Processing and Computer Vision

Medical Microscopy

Mathematical Research and Consulting

XML, XSLT, SAX and XPath

SQL Server 2005/2008 & ORACLE 9x/10x Databases

Browsers Internals

Messaging and Peer-to-Peer

MS ISA Server Firewall / Proxy

IIS & Apache Web Server

Networking Internals

Remote Storage and Server Farms

Industrial, Scientific & Medical Software Components

Enterprise Workflow and Business Activity Monitoring

Interactive TV Infrastructure

Mobile Clients

Extensive User Interface


Outsourcing of Software Development Projects

Eldan Software Systems is pursuing software development projects in the following areas:

We offer flexible ways of cooperation. If you are interested, please contact us: